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Tagliare micro sim in nano sim vodafone

tagliare micro sim in nano sim vodafone

OK, thats probably not 100 true.
Nano SIM specs here.
Compare it to a real nano SIM, because we can.
Im sure many of you knew that you could cut down a SIM to a micro SIM, but with nano SIM cards on the horizon, we thought we should point out that the same procedure can be done from micro to nano as well.The specs go a little museo leonardo da vinci a vinci orario something like this: Width:.3mm, height:.8mm, depth:.67mm, for a certainty, these minuscule measurements go beyond the scope of any old ruler.Slide them together inside the nano cutter.To perform the surgery, I felt that a normal pair of scissors would taglia scarpe 10 us corrisponde suffice for the width and height.Obviously it would be easier to have a real Nano SIM, but for some circumstances, that may not be feasible, hence this tutorial.If so, lets get this show on the road. Pull out your micro SIM from whichever phone it is currently resting.For that reason, I pulled out my trusty legge 104 sconti auto digital caliper to perform all of the measurements.You can even do it on one of those old school big SIM cards, since the tech is all the same on the chip.

Trim a little bit, measure with digital caliper, trim a little bit more, measure always keeping in mind the width, height, and depth of the actual Nano SIM specifications.
Open the nano cutter box and spread out its goodies for quick access.
Set the nano cutter (with micro SIM insert) face down on a table, and press that bad boy with some force.The depth was a whole different story.Note: before you start chopping away, read and watch the entire tutorial.Also, I have an NFC SIM for use with Isis and didnt feel like dealing with the process of getting a new one when beginning my Moto X review.The new design will offer the same functionality as all current SIM cards.In the end, although I cant actually test out the final product until I receive my iPhone 5, and it would probably be best for you to wait until you receive your iPhone if you want to try this, I feel confident about the results.For that reason Im feeling pretty confident that it will work with my iPhone 5 next Friday.If you decide to try this, I suggest trying it on a SIM card that you dont need.

 Insert into Moto.
Ready to do this?
Its a pretty cheap caliper that I got off of Amazon, but its accurate, and gets the job done.