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Leonardo da vinci fun fact

Unusually for the era in which he lived, Leonardo Da Vinci was a vegetarian, for humanitarian reasons.
Leonardo da Vinci, helicopter design, the Mona Lisa.
He crushed intelligent design before anyone even thought of it: His studies of river erosion convinced him that the Earth is much older than the Bible implies, and he argued that falling sea levelsnot Noah's Floodleft marine fossils on mountains.
He is the definition of a Renaissance man. He painted come vincere a quizcross The Last Supper at Santa Maria delle Grazie in Milan; a dramatic depiction of the moment Jesus announced that he would be betrayed.Continue reading on the next page.Leonardos work was unique.David (left) and Tobias and the Angel (right).

Some of his inventions were built using his designs, but many failed to materialize.
It is a study of the proportions of the human body.
So were Napoleon, Michelangelo, Einstein, Newton, Bill Gates, Oprah, President Barack Obama and Jimi Hendrix.
Not formally educated: Leonardo was home schooled beyond reading, writing and mathematical skills.Da Vinci is best known for his masterpieces; Mona Lisa, Madonna of the Rocks, and The Last Supper.Not only was he a genius, but Leonardo da Vinci was also a painter, scientist, musician, sculptor, mathematician, engineer, anatomist, architect, inventor, botanist, geologist, cartographer and writer.King Francis I, twenty years after the death of Leonardo da Vinci, was reported as saying, There had never tagliare file mp3 linux been another man born in the world who knew as much as Leonardo, not so much about painting, sculpture and architecture, as that he was.By 1482, Leonardo da Vinci was a talented musician.In August 2003, da Vinci's, madonna of the Yarnwinder, valued at 65 million, was stolen from Drumlanrig Castle in Scotland by two men posing as tourists.